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When it comes to choosing your ideal home improvement upgrade, you might be wondering how you can enhance your home while saving energy. Exterior remodeling has an unforgettable impact on curb appeal. But did you know that energy efficient remodeling is a popular choice for homeowners today?

Energy efficient remodeling can save you money on your utility bills and make your house more comfortable. It can help control indoor humidity levels and keep your home at an ideal temperature.

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your house, you can still make it more desirable by making it more energy efficient. Plus, you’ll save money on your utility bills every month. After all, many homeowners are concerned about the cost of energy bills as they continuously rise.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your home’s exterior while saving energy, consider the following upgrades:

Vinyl Window Installation Saves Significant Energy

Vinyl replacement windows are one of the top contenders for energy efficient remodeling. They are highly resistant to the elements, and high quality vinyl windows can last for roughly 20 years.

Vinyl frames are a cost effective alternative over traditional wood windows. Wood windows are a stately home upgrade, but they require a lot of maintenance as years go by. Not only are rotting wood windows unsightly, they are also costly to repair.

The cost of wood repair for windows depends on the age of the wood and the severity of the rotting. Homeowners can easily spend several hundred dollars repairing the wood. If the windows are old, this still won’t resolve the issue of energy loss. With inefficient windows increasing home utility bills by up to 25%, you can imagine how much money you can save with new window installation.

This is why vinyl window replacement will save money over repairing old and inefficient wood windows. They provide energy-saving solutions such as argon and krypton gas, triple pane glass, and airtight installation.

Window installation is one of the last projects you’ll want to handle on your own this winter. If you do not properly install the windows, you risk losing significant amounts of energy—even if you invest in energy efficient windows. Mismeasuring the windows is a big culprit, but you also must be meticulous when it comes to the installation process.

Not to mention, this time of year you can lose a lot of home energy during installation in cold weather. Professional window installers use tarps and other techniques to reduce energy loss as much as possible.

Entry Door Installation Blocks Out Drafts

Fiberglass is a door material that truly stands the test of time. It gives the appearance of wood without the maintenance, and it’s highly customizable in an array of colors, wood stain options, and even decorative glass styles.

As you’re comparing entry door materials, you’ll find that fiberglass is less expensive than wood. Steel is another smart alternative to wood, and it may ultimately cost even less than fiberglass. However, it’s important to remember that quality and performance should take priority over the price of a product.

Both steel and fiberglass will save homeowners money when compared to a wood door. They can also help lower utility bills with the help of durable weatherstripping and professional installation.

Energy efficient doors are defined as those that use less energy in their operation compared to other options. Some of the main components that make up an energy efficient door are the material, weatherstripping and insulating core.

The door itself is made from insulating materials that are more durable and able to stand up to wear and tear from repeated usage. Weatherstrippig should be high quality to help block out drafts. Meanwhile, an insulating core will help prevent heat transfer, reducing energy costs by keeping your home at a consistent temperature.

To achieve optimal energy efficiency, it is important to consider all three of these components when looking for an energy efficient door.

Roof Installation Improves Attic Ventilation

Did you know that roofing enhances home performance? It’s true. While it makes a big impact on your curb appeal, there is a lot to consider in terms of energy efficiency.

With a new roofing system, your attic will become properly ventilated. This means that adequate airflow enters your space while balancing the indoor temperature. It also helps prevent costly issues such as mold and mildew formation.

Are you wondering if it’s time for a new roof? These are some of the most common signs that you need a new energy efficient roof in San Diego:

  • Your attic temperature does not closely match the outdoor temperature. The attic may reach 100 degrees or higher, which is a concerning sign.
  • You have missing shingles, which exposes your roof to the elements.
  • There is moss growing on your roof. This is a sign of moisture damage that needs attention right away.
  • Your attic is leaking and you notice signs of mold and mildew. You may also find condensation on the rafter beams in your attic.

Solar Panel Installation Reduces Power Usage

A solar panel is a device that uses the sun’s solar energy to generate electricity. They’re typically installed on the roof of your home, but they can also be used in your driveway or an open field.

Solar panels generate clean electricity by converting sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity then flows into the electrical grid that powers your home.

Solar panels are a renewable energy source, meaning they don’t run out or become depleted like fossil fuels do, plus they’re eco-friendly since they generate power without releasing any greenhouse gases or byproducts.

When you buy energy from your typical power company, you’re buying from power plants that burn fossil fuels. By installing solar panels you’re saving the environment from toxic pollution that can harm people and wildlife. Best of all, you’re saving money at the same time!

Interested in learning more about solar panels? Click here to learn about the big benefits of solar panel installation and energy savings.

Attic Insulation Can Save You Hundreds Each Year

Attic insulation is a critical piece of the puzzle to energy savings in the home. If your home isn’t properly insulated, many home improvement upgrades will serve little purpose. Even the new high-tech thermostat you plan to install won’t do you much good without proper insulation.

Adequate attic insulation is necessary to help heat from escaping through the roof. The best way to tell if you need attic insulation is to take a look at the floor. If you can see the floor through the insulation, you likely need more added to the attic space.

Insulation is one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient. It can help you save around $200 per year on your energy bills. Meanwhile, insulation can also help improve the comfort level of your home.

Insulation can be installed in a variety of ways, including spray foam insulation and loose-fill insulation.

  • Spray foam insulation is the most effective form of insulation because it creates a tight seal with minimal air gaps between the attic floor and the insulation.
  • Loose-fill insulation, on the other hand, is a poor choice for insulating attics because it allows air gaps to form between the attic floor and the insulation.
  • Both types of insulation are effective at reducing heat loss from your home, but loose-fill insulation does not provide as much protection against heat loss as spray foam insulation.

Attic installation is best suited for professionals. This is especially the case if you choose foam attic insulation, which requires special tools to install. Before you move forward with this winter home improvement upgrade, be sure to contact a professional.

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